Roblox Gift Card

How much Robux is a $100 Roblox card?

You can give a personalized Roblox Gift Card or use it yourself as a prepaid card to buy $100 worth of in-game currency (10,000 Robux).

Can I convert Robux to money?

The current Cash Out exchange rate is $0.0035 US Dollars for every Earned Robux. You cannot start a Cash Out more than once per month. Qualification to Money Out is explored after you present a solicitation to Money Out.

How do I redeem Robux?

From your browser, visit Create an account or log in. Find your PIN or code, and then enter it into the website’s white box. Click Reclaim.

Can you earn Robux by playing games?

Allow me to make sense of: Robux (rbx) is the Roblox game’s in-game currency. The game’s creator, the Roblox Corporation, has complete control over the currency. Robux can only be purchased directly from the Roblox Corporation with real money.

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